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IMPORTANT: Because our cinnamon rolls are handmade to ensure gourmet quality and your satisfaction, we currently produce only 72 dozen per week. It’s first come, first served – and they do go fast! So if you have a particular occasion in mind, please place your order in advance to avoid disappointment. If we can’t fill your order right away, we’ll place you on a waiting list and send your order ASAP.

  1. What quantities are available and what is the cost?
    $13 per half-dozen and $24 per dozen for our regular-sized rolls and $15 per dozen for our minis, plus shipping and handling
  2. What’s the delivery cost?
    It depends where you live. Our rates are determined by your zip code. We’ll calculate your cost when you place your order.
  3. How do I place my order?
    Go to the Shop the Bakery page and make your selections by using the forms beneath each flavor’s description to place them in your Shopping Cart. We’ll add up all your goodies and add any applicable taxes and shipping costs. Once you provide payment information and approve the transaction, we’ll give you an order number and send an email to acknowledge the receipt of your order. We use PayPal, which uses state-of-the-art encryption methods to safeguard your credit or debit card account number and personal information. And we use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to capture and pass your data through the payment gateway. We believe that privacy is precious – we value ours and will safeguard yours.
  4. When can I expect to receive my rolls once my order is filled?
    We ship on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays via FedEx. You should receive your order in 2 business days once the order is filled.
  5. What about gift orders?
    Gifts are great! Impress your boss/co-workers/spouse/ kids/relatives/clients/anyone with a gift of our scrumptious rolls. They will think you’re wonderful. Need ideas? Check out the Our Pastries page for Uncle George's List of Suggested Uses.
  6. Who makes these rolls?
    Uncle George is our illustrious pastry chef. He crafts and bakes each roll with loving care.
  7. How do I prepare and serve them?
    We include detailed instructions in every box of our rolls. And we throw in a container of topping for each roll. You can eat them right away or freeze them (if there are any left….). You’ll need a plate and fork, because they’re more than a handful. Definitely not finger food. And remember, they aren’t just for breakfast!
  8. How do I reach you? I have an idea for a flavor/another question/comment/testimonial...
    Just go to the Contact Us page and use that form.
  9. What if I’m not happy?
    Tell us. Go to the Contact Us page and fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you once we dust the flour off our hands. Uncle George wants you to be happy. If you aren’t satisfied, please let us know. We’ll work to make it right for you.

If you have additional questions regarding Great Gourmet Cinnamon Roll Company products, please contact us.

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